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Tire King – Colorado Springs Tire Dealers – offer excellent value for those shopping for tires, whether it is for one tire or a whole set. We have a sale price, discount, or both that will fit the budget of almost every buyer. Even though the decision to buy new tires has been made, some buyers are confused about what tire will be best for them. When considering new or used tires and wheels, Tire King recommends keeping several things in mind before you spend your money.

Colorado Springs Tire DealersTires are produced in styles that will specifically match your driving requirements. You can buy tires made for snow and other bad weather conditions, for a soft luxurious ride, long-wear, or even to achieve performance like a sports car even if you do not have one. A more practical tire to buy is one that gives good handing under a variety of conditions. These tires are often called “all-season tires.” Finally, buy tires in the size recommended for your vehicle by its manufacturer. Your car or light truck was designed to run on that size tires so you will have optimum handling of the car during driving.

Used Tires At Colorado Springs Tire Dealers Tire King

Another option for shoppers who are on a very limited budget is to buy a used tire that is a cheap alternative to a new tire. Colorado Springs tire dealers Tire King suggests that buying a used tire can be even more complicated than purchasing a new one, and we remind you that a reputable used tire dealer will always inspect the tires that they show to you. However, they recommend that you take a few minutes to look at the tire yourself. If there is anything about the tire you wonder about, ask the dealer. A reputable dealer welcomes questions. Check tires, keeping the following tips in mind.

A tire should exhibit even wear. That means it should not have more wear on any part of a tire than appears on the other. Look for cracks or any other flaws in the tire’s surface that might cause tire failure. Next look at how much tread remains on the tire. There should be enough tread so you cannot see any threads or wire from the steel belts. Firestone Tire Company recommends checking the depth of the tread with a penny. The procedure is to place a penny head down into several treads across the tire. If you cannot see the top of Lincoln’s head, you have enough tread. Similarly, if you can always see the top of his head you do not have enough tread. Another red flag is totally smooth spots in the tread area.

You also need to check for incorrect repairs made to the tire. If you look at the tire’s inner surface and if there are patches make certain they are not loose and are smooth. If you find plugs, ask your dealer about them. Some sources think plugs are a bad idea. Inspect the tire’s inner edge (the “bead”) for broken places or splits because these conditions will not permit the tires to seal to the wheels (often called the rims. Do not buy a tire in excess of 10 years of age. Tire King can show you how to read the tire’s date code or that information is available on line.

Colorado Springs Tire Dealers Tire King is accessible to shoppers from throughout the Springs Region, with two convenient locations to serve you, at 1117 South Nevada Avenue and 916 Delaware Drive. Communities less than 8 miles from us include Cimarron Hills, Fort Carson, Stratmoor, Manitou Springs. Towns in a radius of 11 to 20 miles are Gleneagle, Black Forest, Woodmoor, Cascade and Fountain. Colorado Springs Tire Dealers Tire King can be contacted by telephone at 719-473-8661 or 719-573-0548.

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